Your Body-Swing Connection

Do You Know if Your Body is Working Properly, So You can Swing your Golf Club Efficiently?   Your Body-Swing Connection is the most important tool you own in golf or any other sport. I have been learning from Dr. Greg Rose, Dave Phillips, and Lance Gill of Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) since 2008. TPI […]

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4 Myths About Golf Fitness

4 Myths about Golf Fitness I am too old for golf fitness – Let’s put this myth to rest! We lose our mobility if we are sedentary at any age. Your body starts to lose muscle mass and strength after 40. The science shows that you can improve your golf fitness into your 80’s. The […]

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Improving Fascia Mobility on the Bottom of Your Foot is the Beginning of Your Golf Fitness Program

Fascia is the connective tissue network that holds us together. Fascia surrounds each muscle. The white on the bottom of the picture of the foot is fascia. If you have limited muscle mobility, then you also have tightness in the fascia. Mobility is the base of all golfers and it starts in the foot. Use a […]

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Fitness vs. Golf Fitness

There is much confusion that improving your general fitness level will improve your golf performance. Golf Fitness is about improving your Golf Performance. Your golf swing has nothing to do about how you look, it is all about how you move. Golf demands a specific level of fitness for you to play your best. Golf […]

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