4 Myths about Golf Fitness

  1. I am too old for golf fitness – Let’s put this myth to rest!

We lose our mobility if we are sedentary at any age. Your body starts to lose muscle mass and strength after 40. The science shows that you can improve your golf fitness into your 80’s. The number of shot per round increases as you age and therefore you need more endurance. The only way to limit or improve these fitness areas as we age is to complete a golf specific fitness program.

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2. Stretching isn’t Important

As noted in Myth 1, our muscles, tendons, and connective tissue tighten up when we are sedentary and as we age. Stretching is an integral part of any golf fitness program. You should be evaluated to determine your limitations in your golf mobility and flexibility. Then complete a golf specific mobility program as part of your golf fitness program.

Completing static stretches immediately before you play golf will only hinder your performance!

  1. Strength Training Will Make Me Too Stiff For Golf!

It has been proven that strength training improves mobility, anaerobic power, and strength. Your golf strength training should be developed based on your level of golf fitness. For an efficient golf swing you


physically need 6 levels. The base is mobility, then stability, balance, strength, speed, and power. Since the base is mobility and it is continually addressed throughout all levels of golf fitness, you should not be tight. Since golf is a power game, you need strength and speed on a good base, if you want to hit the golf ball further.

  1. The same golf fitness routine works for everyone

Every golfer’s body is unique. Even golfers on the PGA tour do not have the same functional abilities. Your functional movements and limitations should be evaluated by a professional who specializes in golf fitness and performance. Your golf fitness exercises are determined based on the efficiency your mobile and stabile joints. Your exercise progression is developed based on your current level of fitness. Therefore, as your fitness level progresses, so should your golf specific exercises.