There is much confusion that improving your general fitness level will improve your golf performance. Golf

Fitness is about improving your Golf Performance. Your golf swing has nothing to do about how you look, it is all about how you move.

Golf demands a specific level of fitness for you to play your best. Golf requires mobility, stability, proper posture and balance, strength, power, and, muscular endurance.  The Stability-Mobility illustration of the anatomical golfer in the picture demonstrates that every other joint in the body is a stability joint and the joint between is a mobility joint. The golfer’s body works in an alternating pattern of mobility and stability joints. This functional movement allows the golfer to complete an efficient golf swing.

When this pattern is disrupted due to muscle imbalances or restrictions, there will be compensations of other parts of the body that will affect the swing and flight of the ball. The term Golf Fitness refers more to the golfer’s physical ability to efficiently swing a golf club to produce good swing mechanics, effective outcomes, and a decreased potential for injury.

       Beginning a Golf Fitness program requires screening of functional movements throughout the body to determine the proper exercises and sequence of exercises to improve a golfer’s performance. Every golfer is different with their physical abilities.

A golfer must have a strong foundation to complete a golf swing. This starts with the foot being a stabile joint and the ankle being a mobile joint. The calf is one of the muscle groups that regularly limits dorsiflexion.

This exercise can improve your soleus mobility. Remember that rolling is also important to improve your soft tissue mobility.